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frontage-viewSouthward Institute of Education is a privately owned College registered under PACRA, and a member of Education Council of Zambia, that provides top-notch educational courses.

it is situated at Old Council Chamber Buildings near Manungu clinic in Monze behind Southern Comfort Motel.

frontage-studentsThe College is situated at Old Council Chamber Buildings near Manungu clinic in Monze behind Southern Comfort Motel on Livingstone, Monze Road, which is two and half kilometres from Monze town in Southern province of Zambia.

class-session-1The College has a substantial operating capacity, powered by a team of highly professional staff with a combined experience of over 10 years in the industry.

Southward Institute of Education as per it’s name, offers courses in Education such as a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. The college employs the modern technologies and Information Technology (IT) solutions in all It’s operations.

computer-classThe Early Childhood Education (ECE) program area focuses on the social academic, cultural, racial and political intersections of young children entering grades preschool- 3rd grade. Our area features nationally recognized scholars working on Early Childhood policy, curriculum and training.

computer-studentWe provide a comprehensive approach to mentoring graduate students through teaching and research so that they can successfully pursue careers addressing the local and global issues of facing young children.

Our students are committed to improving early childhood education for and increasingly diverse group of young children, culturally relevant Early Childhood learning environments.

students-1We work in real world setting to develop theory that impact people`s lived experience of education. Our faculty and students cultivate relationships with local schools and communities, educational agencies and other colleges in preparing teachers, conducting research, and sharing expertise to address the complex challenges of an increasing diverse and technological society.

Our teacher preparation programs carefully mentor and support students, both on campus and in their field experiences. Our Course programs provide a wide variety of pathways and environments educators to improve their practice and leadership skills by all educational standards.

computer-student-1Our Vision is to produce a quality and holistic teacher with intellectual maturity character and Christian faith, who will function and deliver effectively to the expectations of humanity through partnership with the government of the republic of Zambia and other stakeholders at home and abroad.

chisangaOur call values: We value a rich humanistic tradition and committed to professional collaboration, community involvement, accountability, integrity, transparence and respect for others.

The institute aims to maintain and grow on its high profile in the market by:

  • Maintaining service excellence
  • Providing superior education solutions according to each student`s needs
  • Treating staff and students with respect and honesty
  • Appointing high quality staff( vetted by extensive background checks)
  • Offering our students a dedicated, personalized service.
Director Administration Mr. Chisangano display a certificate of recognition

Director Administration Mr. Chisangano display a certificate of recognition

Despite Southward college having been established in 2014, it has emerged as one of the five recognised private owned colleges in Southern province by the Teachers Council.

Vision: To be progressive leaders in education industry, improving the way knowledge is delivered throughout Zambia

It  has so far experienced steady growth in student enrollment of about 150 students in the year 2015.

Director Finance

Director Finance

sieThe College enrolls starting from September for the following year’s intake.

Southward College offers the most competitive tuition fees and has a flexible payment system.

The College can be contact on:

+260 974 401 261

+260 977 960 441

+260 977 434 339

Email: /

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