I am leaving priesthood permanently – Frank Bwalya


Bwalya who in the recent years has refused to be referred to as “Father” Bwalya took leave from Priest hood after he made an anti-government pressure group called “Change or die Zambia.” He introduced a red card campaign against the then MMD government and further endorsed PF’s Michael Sata in the run up to the 2011 Polls.

After PF formed government in 2011, Bwalya was appointed as ZESCO Board Chairman, the position he held until his resignation to form a political party named Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ).

But after the demise of Sata, Bwalya disbanded his party and joined the Edgar Lungu team which brought him in the central committee of the PF.

Commentating Sixteen years since he was ordained as a priest, Bwalya said he has decided to permanently leave the pulpit so that he can pursue his ambitions.

“Sixteen years ago on September 30, 2000 I was ordained a priest after training for a solid eleven years. Thereafter, I prayed everyday saying, “Lord, grant that I may die and be buried as your priest”. It is now seven years since I took leave from priestly ministry. I regret to say that my prayer cited above may not be realised. I say so because I have decided to start the process of asking Mother Church to allow me to leave Holy Priesthood. I believe that my mother, siblings and close relations not to mention fellow priests, the laity and friends across religious groupings have had enough time to prepare for this eventuality,” Bwalya explained in a statement.

Bwalya also admitted that he never imagined he would leave priesthood but that he has discerned after Seven years that the rightful thing to do is leaving.

“For a long time, I never imagined that one day I would make such a decision. However, it has become necessary to choose to walk one path and since it has proved hard for me to go back to the priesthood this time around I have decided to seek permission to be released. So I will soon start taking steps towards a dignified departure from Holy Priesthood as prescribed by Mother Church.

“Please pray that God will continue to grant me happiness and personal fulfilment. Above all pray that I may never disgrace my background and above all my faith as a Catholic Christian.

“I will proudly continue to share in the common priesthood of the baptised and do everything within my means to propagate our faith. I will forever be grateful for the blessings I have received as a priest and the honour the Order accorded me,” he said.

Bwalya said he still needs time to reflect and thereafter make his impeding resignation final to the catholic church.

“I will soon take some time out to reflect and deal with the process of leaving priesthood. When I return, God willing, I will be the same passionate and zealous Frank Bwalya.

“I have written this reflection with a free conscience and a light heart because I have had enough time to discern. I pray that God will continue to sustain my desire to serve his people in what I do and that I will never lose focus of his Kingdom,” he said.

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