Canisius Banda’s letter to HH


Dr. Canisius Banda, I have read everything in this, your post. But tell me, why can’t you simply respond to the allegations levelled against you instead of becoming defensive and personal? Now I believe that the allegations against you are TRUE. Your stance is not correct. You talk about etiquette, and rightly so. But you, yourself have forgotten that you need to tow the line of etiquette. You clearly are so personal in this letter. I am a Tonga from Pemba but I don’t understand why you had to pick on my hometown to desperage us. Let me tell you that people from Pemba are not tribalists. What I know is that all this thing tibalism is meant to seek sympathy yet the people you’re clearly targeting as ‘hounding you out’ of UPND are neither Tonga nor are they from Pemba. They are all easterners like you (i.e. Thole, Chuzu, Banda). What is your real point here sir? Your contact with PF, don’t you think it would have done better to have been informing your superior about it than keep quiet until people begin to suspect you? If you didn’t see this coming, then you are not wise, sir. I had so much respect for you but this… this, has done it!

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