When it happens to you or in your family; please preach your wisdom then – Juliet Ibrahim slams Empress Njamah


Ghanaian Nollywood actress, Juliet Ibrahim, has ferociously responded to fellow Nollywood actress, Empress Njamah’s comments saying that sometimes women are to blame for the violence they’re submitted to.

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Juliet Ibrahim

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In recent post on her Instagram page, Nolly actress expressed it was high time that woman also take some responsibility for domestic they experience. She said that woman are sometimes the cause of domestic violence by saying some women mentally torment their partners.

She also said that women ought to learn to help their men “manage their anger“.

Stop getting advice from single women, don’t let them mislead you, instead read books…men are babies, they wanted to be treated like babies and that is why some go on to cheat when their wives are frustrating them.

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Responding to Empress Njamah on her own Instagram page, Ghanaian Nollywood actress Juliet Ibrahim vehemently refuted her fellow actress’s logic saying that she [Empress Njamah] should preach the same message when she’s submitted to that sort of violence.

KARMA IS A B**CH! When it comes barking up your own tree or in your family; please preach your wisdom that time… ” said an indignant Juliet Ibrahim.

In a no-holds-barred tirade, miss Ibrahim points out to her follow Nollywood actress that there is no different between a man hitting a woman and a woman hitting a man, that they’re both instances of domestic violence.

She ends her verbal onslaught by rhetorically asking her fellow actress if it’s a woman’s fault that she’s hit by a man who can’t control his anger, or if she [Empress Njamah] would condone a country going to war “because they were offended by another”.


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